An Aging Generation

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Explain an experience of aging through visual elements. And understand aging through data.


A duo of infographics (24” x 36”) that communicate aspects of aging through a meaningful visual narrative and data visualization.

Isometric Mapping

first pass

Here is the first draft illustrating the “do’s and don’t” while moving around with a walker. The diagram aims to show each pathway a person would take while at the doctors. 

The green shows helpful environmental elements, such as wider walkways, hand railings, and handicap stalls. The red shows tension points that hinder mobility aids.

I found the blue background, an allusion to the handicap sign, was a distraction from the diagram.

final iteration

The final poster brought Pati Howard’s struggles with accessibility to life. It humanized the reason for accessibility elements and describes this importance to a larger audience.  

Social Security


A large problem space I found while researching the experience of aging was how the older workforce manages their finances after retirement. 

Social Security and its tentative future became my focus. These sketches helped make sense of what factors (inflation, demographics, expenditures) needed to be considered.

first drafts

This iteration was around 2/3 through the project’s total progression. I had already developed a sense of how I would color to push information to the front. What was most difficult was deciding how each element of information came together to form a narrative that viewers could relate to. 


This final poster untangles the narrative of the growing issue with funding the social security while illustrating the various computaions that have built this inadequacy. It suggests that examining the way we built CPIs we can make appropriate adjustments to the issue. 

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